Discover The Secrets To Creating A Magnetic Personal Brand And Get Your Message Out There!

You believe you have a message, and you have a burning desire to get it out there to help!

But you are not a writer... and you have no idea of how to market yourself and your business!

Finally have a roadmap to creating content that brings in your soulmate clients. A 5-Step Roadmap To Grow A Visibile Coaching Business That Turns Your Passion Into A Profitable Business!

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A 5 Steps Roadmap To Storytelling Your Business That Attracts Your Soulmate Clients

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By The End Of The Program, You'll be able to...

Clarity On How To Market Yourself

Stop spending all day agonizing over your "I Help" statement. Instead, with a proven strategy and brainstorming techniques, you'll be storming out to the world, declaring your coaching niche, focusing on attracting the right clients, and knowing exactly how to approach them. 

Have A Strategy In Place

No more pulling your hair out and constantly worrying about what to write about on your next social media post, newsletter, or blog.  You'll be able to come up with a strategy on what you can do on a marketing plan and put your gremlin into the backseat! 

Stay Consistent 

Put an end to rambling, boring stuff that puts your audience to silence and zero booking on your discovery calendar. You'll learn how to create a system that allow you to write meaningful and purposeful content like no one else. 

Sell With Story That Attracts

Stop the crickets on your social media wall and start infusing your content with your MOJO to connect with your audience and convert them into paying clients! No more procrastination and frustration in building your coaching business. 

Helen B. 

- NLP Coach, Helen Brenner Coaching, LLC

"Huge shout out of Thanks and hugs to Michelle for guiding me through making my brand image and logo flow between different social sites! I want to share what I've done so far with the group." 

Tina C. 

-Executive Coach, Tina Collins Coaching 

"Holy Heck! have you taught me a lot in the last few days. THANK YOU. Your insights into my LinkedIn profile were incredible. I made some changes and was contacted yesterday by someone who used "search" to find me. I was asked to speak at a conference. Woohoo!" 

Horia P.

- Executive Women in STEM and Energy Leadership Coach, HPPCOACHING.COM

"I was a bit all over the place but I now know how to structure my message and be present on my videos. Joining this challenge is a step in getting closer to my long-term goal of being a motivational speaker."

Hey Beautiful!


I love mentoring heart-centered woman coach to use the power of storytelling as your secret sauce in attracting an endless stream of clients and turning your passion for coaching into a profitable business.


I got out of my car one day, looked down at my tee-shirt, and thought, “Why on earth is it all dirty in this one weird spot?”

(Seriously! This is how it ALL BEGAN!!)

Horrible lightbulb moment: My belly had been rubbing against the steering wheel.

We’ve all had a small but awful moment where we think, “That’s it. SOMETHING has to give.”

That was mine.

You see, I am permanently disabled because of a car accident when I was 11 years old.
I Use to Play Small In My Life.

When I finally step up my game...


When I made it home, I knew my mission was to help others liberate themselves from the mean voice in their heads, so they can go forward and design their work, relationships, health, finances, and pleasure in a joyful way.  

I'm here to champion you so you can do your climb! 

Visibility Is Profitability! 

It is the oxygen for your business.

Without visibility, you have no business! This means NO PAYING CLIENTS!

Yet you are not sure how to craft your message and turn your content into sizzling stories that your audience resonates with you. 

The Longer You Wait, The More Confuse You Are. 

Storyselling is driven by the content you create for your audience that speaks values and purpose, and more importantly, it helps businesses to convert their cold audiences into warm loyal clients. For as long as your business exists, you are creating content to communicate with your audience which leads to “trust”, building “relationships”, providing “values”, and finally generating “profit” in your business.

What's Inside

The Brave Your Brand Academy

The Course Materials, including training videos, worksheets, and members resources, are immediately available within my online student portal. 

💡 Streaming Video For Courses Modules 

💡 Worksheets 

💡 Access to a members-only community 

💡 5 Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls 

💡1 Success Roadmap Call  and Follow Up Implementation Call 

💡 Extra love and support in between sessions 


Extra bonus throughout the open enrollment period to grow your coaching business with MORE TIME, MORE SUPPORT, and MORE ORGANIZATION!  

Module 1 - How to identify your niche and target audience so you can streamline your social media marketing effort? 

The more focus you are in serving an audience, the stronger your message will resonate with your audience.

In this module, you will learn: 

✅ Three ways of identifying your niche and identify your target audience so you are not RANDOMLY creating content and hope that things will sticks.  

✅ The answer to "Where Do I Begin In Marketing My Coaching Business?" 

✅ How to leverage your existing audience to find your future soulmate clients. 

Module 2- Why you need social media goals that meet your effort in content creation? 

 If you're finding yourself running around trying to be at all places and connecting every prospect on every platform and feeling burnout and overwhelmed, you'rre not gonna want to miss this module. 

In this module, you will learn: 

✅ How to set up your social media goals to turn your effort in to realistic outcomes  

✅ What you need to know about tracking your social media performance

✅ Learning about which platform you can bring the most impact in your coaching business

Module 3 - How to map out your soulmate client's sign up journey so you can meet them where they are? 

If you are wondering how you can "get more clients", why they aren't willing to commit during a discovery call with you, or worse yet getting someone to book a call with's how to fix it! 

In this module, you will learn: 

✅ The importance of understanding your soulmate client's journey so you can convey a message that actually convert your audience. 

✅ How to survey your niche market to make sure you have a market at all for your niche 

✅ Package your genius into an irresistible offer for every content you create in your coaching business  

Module 4 - How to say what you have to say and make it resonate with your soulmate clients? 

If you are feeling frustrated because you simply unsure of how to describe what coaching is that makes your soulmate clients nodding their heads and say "Yes! Sign Me Up!", or "the more that I am out there, the less confident I am about being a coach...because I can't explain well what I do"...Listen up! 

In this module, you will learn: 

✅ How to identify your content pillars so your message is always loud and clear to you soulmate clients 

✅ How to create content around these content pillars so you will never have to create another piece of content on the fly

✅ How do you connect the dots between your story and your soulmate client's story so they can connect with you on a deeper level 

Module 5 - How to create a content marketing strategy that gives you a PEACE of mind? 

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed in hustling to get your words out for your coaching business with very little results? Create a simple marketing strategy that will allow you to ENJOY your content creation in marketing your coaching business even without spending $$$$ on marketing! 

In this module, you will learn: 

✅ How to set up a simplified but powerful marketing strategy to market your coaching business 

✅ How to stay consistent in your posting without being glued to your desktop all the time 

✅ Learn how to optimizing your social media profile so your soulmate clients can find you more easily that is YOUniquely YOU. 

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